Flocking... it's not just for greeting cards anymore.  Call Great Lakes Flocking to discuss your project today!

So what the heck is "flocking" any way?


Odds are you’ve seen and felt flocking before but you didn't know its name. Remember that fuzzy puppy birthday card and black light posters? That's flocking.


Flocking is a fiber coating process that allows you selectively add dimension and texture to almost any product. From P.O.P displays to greeting cards, posters to gift boxes, adding flocking makes a statement about you and your products.


What can flocking do for you and your products?


With flocking, you can add a rich look and feel to any product. Provide texture where none existed before. Improve function by creating a gripping surface on products. Even reduce noise and vibration.


With flocking the applications are endless!


Qualities of Flocking

Patterns / Graphics:

• Flocking can be applied in almost any pattern, design, or color

• Flocking adds an aesthetic and dimensional
quality to just about any substrate


Noise Reduction:

• In industrial applications flocking provides a cushion between two materials which helps prevent
rattles and vibration

• Flocking fibers absorb sound waves and dissipate energy, thus reducing sound


Gripping / Holding:

• Flocking provides great gripping action and can reduce slipping and sliding


Protective / Low Friction:

• Flocking fibers provide a protective and low friction surface


Types of Fabric:

• Flocking fibers are available in many different fabrics,
the most common being rayon and nylon



• Flocking fibers withstand abrasion well.  Some fibers can even endure dishwasher cycles!



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